Bad Sound engineer Vs Good Sound engineer

Good day family

I often tell if someone is good in their trade by how they do the little things.
e.g a good wife is seen by how they conduct themselves and respect in-laws or in basic communication etc…
In sound companies before they can hire an audio engineer there are a few basic things that are taken into consideration…..these include how to fold a cable, how to run cables, how to carry speakers, how to pack cables etc…..
The reason why I am referring to cables so much is because one attribute of good audio engineers is how they run their cables…..cables should away from human traffic for obvious reasons…

back to my tale….
Bad Sound engineer Vs Good Sound engineer

PUNCTUALITY if you cant keep time in professional circles, one can lose a client which could have been your gateway to your next SM 58.
HIDING OR IGNORING MISTAKESThis is a bad idea trust me, rather be bold enough and share it with someone else otherwise the entire gig or event will be messed up and it will be your fault,,,,….you are as good as your last job…
Know what it is that you want to do and how to get it, if its a crispier mix know what frequencies you need to know what range in the frequency spectrum you need to work on and how to adjust your Q (quality) appropriately.
you may add a few others on the comment box below and let me know what you think.


The obvious is being the opposite of what is already described above….but let me add just a few more the leave the rest for you to say something down below…..

Have a good & pleasing personality
Love to listen to music all types, when using headphones it should be in low volumes.
Work off feelings and emotions
Be open and ready to adapt to new technology….have internet wherever you go its imperative
Have an open mind be a perpetual learner…
Share knowledge
They focus on a good mix, well balanced low mid and high frequencies and great at creating a good stereo field
aaaaaanannnnnnnndddddddd………THATS IT…….want to add something the comment box is down below let me know…..

Written By Mbaki Nleya