Hello family

A friend of mine called Percy, posted a sweet quote on social media a couple of years ago and this is how it read:
“If you think in terms of a year, in terms of ten years plant trees, in terms of a 100 years teach people”.

Powerful statement from a very muscular guy I must say…….

We launched the “Lets make Zimbabwe sound better campaign” a few years ago and it has grown tremendously and at the same time we saw the need of educating people in the area of Sound engineering.

I travelled all over the country, in the churches, universities, community clubs, and have recorded demos for many during these workshops, and left smiles on their faces.

On one particular weekend l visited a very remote boarder town called Plumtree, and trust me the anticipation was quite and that gave me chills down my spine.

The whole idea was to show the people that, no matter what part of the country you are at, we have you at heart so that when you make your sound better, be it in houses of worship or gigs or conferences or party etc…..it just has to sound amazing.

The workshops l do cover:
Basic principles of sound engineering
Sound for houses of worship
Purchase and care of gear
Intro to digital technology (Presonus 32AI Series 3)

So I just cant wait for my next workshop because this is my rural home and yes l gave it my all…..

If you want us to come and share on audio engineering in your area just leave a comment on the comment box below and your wish will come to pass..

Written by Mbaki Nleya