The digital mixer

Throw Back Nov, 2014

Hey guys

One Saturday morning back then, in the great city of Harare in Zimbabwe and l just had a sweet gig the previous friday night was doing a live dvd recording for a Doctor called Adore…..

This is what made it interesting:
Whenever l do multi tracking the hard disc recorder has always been the way for me. Then yesterday l decided to reduce cable clutter by the mixing console.I used a digital mixer for a third time around ….and as they say “third strike you out”…..hhhhmmmm for me it was “third strike YOU ARE IN….”.

I had a pretty clean set up and believe you me the sound captured by Logic pro X and the sound projected by the Yamaha DSR series was too sweet.

Just a few advantages of digital over analog”

(1) Settings can be pre-programmed and recalled when necessary

(2) Mixing and processing features that only digital can provide

(3) Expansion and external devices

4) Noise-resistant digital transmission

(5) Multiple functions in small spaces

ABOVE ALL…..l don’t have to carry lots and lots of signal processing gear…….eg  have 32 Compressors, 32 Noise gates, 32 Limiters. 32 parametric equalizers etc…..above that 16 of each of the afore mentioned for my aux busses…..also on my group channels….
good bank for effects…..awesome and above all just one cable firewire 800 transports all this effortlessly.

Just in passing what makes digital consles kinda great for me is its compatibility with other DAWS and how one can then be able to do virtual sound check when the band is off the set..

So fellows yeah get yourselves a digital mixer and you will love it….

Later on that day l had my hands on the Yamaha M7 for the Zahara & Sulu show….. l just could not wait.

Written by Mbaki Nleya